to the web site for Neil Burnett, The Hypnotherapist, of Solihull in the West Midlands.

In these pages you will be able to attain a good sense of my approach to therapy and how it can be used to satisfy your requirements.

Hypnotherapy is about helping your mind make beneficial changes as diverse as solving a confidence or anxiety problem to improving skill in a business or sporting environment. If your need is attitudinal or behavioural, then I am likely to have the solution you require because, when you think about it, most problems we have owe their source to what we think or believe and the resultant behaviour.

On the following pages I list most of the subjects I regularly deal with; if your issue isn't listed it doesn't mean you are beyond my help so just enquire - the good news is that most of our human problems are easily remedied - if there is a will there is invariably a way.

Happy reading and I hope I have the opportunity of serving you soon.

If you have a query get in touch by phone or email. Many thanks.
About Me
neil.jpgI am a therapist of over 17 years experience and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the General Hypnotherapy Register. Prior to becoming a therapist I spent over thirty years in newspaper publishing beginning in advertising sales, moving on to training sales personnel, becoming Advertisement Director and eventually Chief Executive. I didn't realise at the time just how significant my first career would be to my subsequent career as a therapist.

Life is a practical experience - not some theoretical exercise - and I have spent over 30 years in a fast moving, demanding and pressurised environment; at all stages of my executive life I have been in a position of either advising, counselling, educating, coaching and persuading those that I worked with - the same things that therapists are required to do. My knowledge and skill are based on experience for I have also been a smoker, known stress, anxiety and panic attacks - I have dealt with making the changes that many clients present me with.

Without my business and life experience I would be a lesser therapist than I am now and one of my earliest surprises was when I discovered how easy it can be for people to make the desired changes and how fast those changes can happen. Most of our problems are easily and quickly learned so why should it be so difficult to learn anew? Always bear in mind - all behaviour is learned.

I have developed my sessions over the last 17 years enabling me to provide a very effective service; most of my clients are referrals where a satisfied client recommends me to another family member, friend or colleague. I also do most of the therapy work for a well known major vehicle manufacturer.

I pride myself in my ethical and principled approach and I see my role as firstly one of providing solutions and that is why I offer longer sessions at reasonable cost.

My approach is geared to enabling you to find your solution in as few sessions as possible - ideally, in only one session. This is obviously more possible in a session of around two hours and needless to say, less likely in a session of only an hour or less.