These issues are normally sorted in one to three sessions. Remember my sessions are not restricted to a time of say an hour or 50 minutes, I take the time needed to resolve the problem and ideally in one session, so the first time you see me will probably last nearer two hours than one but you are not paying for the length of time, you are only paying for the session. Therefore the majority of clients have their problem resolved in fewer - rather than many - sessions.

The session invariably starts by covering key principles which will influence your behaviour - principles, which if you employ them, enables you to apply prevention as opposed to merely cure. Remember all behaviour is learned but no one teaches us how to behave when faced with stressful or anxious situations - you are just expected to get on with it or tough it out. But that might not deliver the solution; the principles I take you through and the tools I provide do.

A word on Panic Attacks: those who suffer from them know only too well how debilitating an experience they can be. I have developed over time a number of effective approaches - tools to use to minimise or eliminate the anxiety. They are not miracle cures but they do work and again, clients can be surprised at how quickly they can overcome their problem.

Self Belief/Confidence: here you have a situation where a person's belief system is flawed - they believe negative (untrue) things about their capabilities which require changing. It is a matter of learning the new principles and applying them.

Once you are happy with the principles the session moves into the hypnosis stage which enables you to absorb those principles and tools much faster and more completely.

IBS: irritable bowel syndrome - tends to be a physical response to a stressful mental state therefore hypnotherapy is an ideal solution. More doctors are turning to the use of hypnosis as opposed to the usual pills and mixtures. Most of my clients have found the desired result in 1 or 2 sessions.

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