For these issues most clients will have the problem resolved in only one session.

Smokers are surprised that only one session will be needed - but why be surprised? - you are not chemically addicted. Yes I know that out there there are doctors and gum companies and nicotine patch companies who will wish you to believe you are chemically addicted but how is it you can go to bed or sit in an aeroplane for 6,7,8 hours without any withdrawal symptoms? Smoking is more of a psychological routine and that is why hypnosis is such an effective tool- providing you want to stop.

Successful clients regularly report back "stopping was easy - almost like I've never been a smoker".

Phobias respond very quickly to the newer NLP techniques and clients are often amazed at how a fear which has existed for years can be gone in just one session. Typical phobias are spiders, rodents, flying, driving (usually on motorways), heights, confined spaces - the list is almost endless but most phobias are rapidly eradicated. They are learned responses and you learn from the session how to behave differently.

Weight control: Do you know why you are overweight? Do you know what you need to do to be the weight you desire? Then hypnosis enables you to attain the focus that you require to make it happen. This is a very uplifting session and motivational not just in terms of weight, but also in terms of you the whole person. I regularly receive feedback from clients outlining their success. One client lost a stone in a week and 31lbs in 30 days! One session should get you moving towards the new slimmer you, enabling you to give up those problem foods and enjoying healthy, balanced eating.

Alcohol: this is not alcoholism - I am referring to excessive drinking in the same way we can eat excessively; when we drink excessively we can be embarrassing or dangerous. This is a very effective session and men and women clients invariably demonstrate an easy transition from excessive to moderate or non drinking. I tend to see as many women as men - I think perhaps women are more honest about having the problem. (Note: alcoholism is a different problem - it is treated medically as a psychiatric condition and is more akin to those facing drug addiction or an eating disorder and would require specialist attention.

Sports Performance: to date I have helped clients in the fields of Golf, Rifle Marksmanship, Ballroom Dancing to improve their performances. The session approach utilises the skill of the human mind to make changes through visualisation as well as hypnosis and enables an increase in confidence as well as an enhancement in skill levels.

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